We are SHFT, a sister company of The Angry Therapist. We began with the simple concept, "Rebuild yourself through others," and have pioneered online, tribal, and coaching based, therapeutic communities. We are not therapists but our users do enjoy therapeutic experiences. Our base services are community and love. Our secret sauce is made up of transparency and acceptance.

We believe strongly that humans were not meant to do life alone and so we keep a fire going. It's a beacon of hope. All are welcome. 


Find your tribe, change your life. "This is Your Tribe" is a closed Facebook community created and moderated by SHFT and The Angry Therapist. Content posted here is only visible to other members of the group but membership in the group is visible to the public. In this tribe we gain strength from each other by sharing to our own experiences. Everything shared in SHFT is shared in the spirit of confidence. This is a place where we help and support each other out of love because we believe in the power of community. Friendships are formed, lives are changed; we are forming strong invisible bonds to lift each other up.

Tribe Based Transformation

SHFT Tribes give people the ability to experience personal growth and fulfillment by offering guidance, validation, and accountability through virtual support in small and privately hosted groups called Tribes. Tribes are 21 day online support groups, guided by our own Catalyst Life Coaches, focused on topics such as self-love, purpose & calling, and finding joy. Our tribes have turned out to be magical. People are experiencing true bonding and growth. It feels so much better knowing you are not alone in your struggles and that there are people out there willing to care! We love our tribes!

Coach Education and Collective

The Catalyst Life Coaching Intensive is a 12 week live, online program that we use to certify Catalyst Life Coaches in our own method of coaching, developed by licensed therapist and SHFT founder, John Kim. The curriculum is a unique blend of adaptive therapeutic training and modern day life coaching techniques. Course outcomes also focus on developing your authentic voice, niche, and building a practice. Alumni of the program are invited to join the SHFT Catalyst Coaching Collective, run SHFT Tribes with supervision, and advertise for individual clients and run billing through our platform. We are a tight knit collective of coaches who share big dreams and deep friendships. Like everything we do, it's better together.