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 "Be the door, not the doormat." -Beth Derrick

Wherever you go, there you are. 

Thriving in the chaos of life, making things by hand and doing everything the hard way to produce a more organic and lasting effect is important, as it resonates with every facet of life. Being thoughtful and planful, yet resilient and flexible enough to handle situations with grace and ease is a delicate balance that is artfully developed with time, perseverance and good attitude.

Never fitting in, just living on the edge of what is “normal” yet finding comfort in your own body and mindful decisions is one of the most empowering feelings that I want to share with all who are ready. 

Beth writes, sleeps, drinks lots of coffee and makes in McKinney, Texas and finds home to be everywhere. 

Why should you choose me as your coach?

I bring a sense of calm, intuitive organization and unorthodox logical approach to life. Divorce, breakups, money issues, lack, abundance, traveling, loss, love, messes, family issues, abuse, health issues, city living, country living ... I've experienced a wide range of life and can help you through it and to achieve your goals.