Happiness is an Art

Happiness is an Art

I believe happiness is the ability to find joy with what you have in front of you where ever you're at in life, no matter what you're going through. In order to do this, I believe you must use the right side of your brain. Logic alone won't create happiness. Happiness is a creative endeavor. There is an art to being happy. 

Imagine that happiness starts with a clean blank canvas. You get to paint whatever you want to create your "happiness". Here are the tools you will need.

Gratitude brush.

This is a fat brush. Soft. Broad strokes. Use this brush to fill in big spaces.

Passion / purpose brush.

This is one of your main brushes. You're going to use it to outline the drawing.

Fearless brush.

This is a skinny brush. You will use it to go in and paint the details. Precision. Without it, your painting will look dull and flat.

Love / give brush.

This is your other main brush. You'll use it to fill in what you've drawn with your passion / purpose brush. It's a strong brush.

Of course there are more, but these are the only tools you need to create happiness.

Be grateful.Follow your passions.Lean into your fears.AndLove / give.

Now do it in a creative way, one that is unique to you. Don't copy someone else's art. Also, don't compare your happiness to other people's happiness. Like art, it's subjective. What's important is that you like what you've created. But more importantly, enjoy the process. You're proud of it. You've earned it. And It's priceless to you.

Now go paint something.

- Angry


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