How My Hope Warrior Emerged One Year After Graduating from the Catalyst Coaching Intensive

How My Hope Warrior Emerged One Year After Graduating from the Catalyst Coaching Intensive

Last October, I was on vacation, sitting at a kitchen table on the Oregon Coast. Thanks to technology, I was taking my last two Catalyst Intensive Coaching classes with branding wizard Linzi Hawkin. Becoming a Life Coach, filled me with both fear and excitement. I had more fear, but thankfully, there was just enough excitement to keep me from bolting. This October, I found myself sitting at the same kitchen table, reflecting.  Today, I am truly in wonder at who I am, only one year later.  

First, I stayed with it. I knew myself well enough to know that, in the past,  bolting was my general solution to scary things. Starting and not finishing could have been my tag line for past endeavors. I would get excited, start projects and make promises to myself. Then, as the fun was winding down, I would start to back out of the room slowly. I would find a way to explain my fear of showing up fully. It would sound plausible. It wasn’t as good of a fit as I thought it was. They aren’t really aligned with my values. The program sounded different than it turned out to be and on and on. In essence, I bought my own BS. I am a creative writer after all. But this time, I stayed.

I made sure I stayed by connecting with everyone in my class and many who were already Catalyst Coaches. When I hired a coach from the program, I confronted my fear head on. I let her in on my secret up-front. I said, “I am afraid I am going to run, so I want you to know that.” I wanted to “want” to stay. Not just stay, but rise, and be a successful coach. I wanted to become “Coach Pam Davis,” the business name I envisioned for myself.

Next, I showed up regularly. I did this in a few ways. I offered hope and encouragement to others. This got me noticed as an encourager. I wrote blog posts, self love content for small groups, and I did videos for the tribe. If this were the Hokey Pokey, you could say, I put my whole self in and I shook it all around. Much to my surprise, I found that people were starting to be drawn to my story and thus, to me.

I dug into my own story and there I found how I could serve clients. Yes!  My story was similar to their story. I also started sharing “the real me.”  You know the naked one that very few ever see? Yes, that one.  I said “yes” when asked to do things I had never done before. “Here is a practice client,” (oh no), “Yes! “  “Would you like to create a Tribe on self love?” “ what? yes!” “ We are doing a 30 day video challenge. It starts tomorrow.” Oh my, I couldn’t possibly. Thirty days later and volumes lighter, so glad I said “Yes!” It continues…….so “Yes!”

Now, I strive to add value. I could see some areas that I knew in my heart would contribute to the overall microcosm, called SHFT. They needed coaches to write blog posts. They needed members to share ideas and be willing to carry out those ideas on their own. SHFT needed team builders. That is me with my eyes closed.  For John Kim’s message to grow and SHFT to be all it’s destined to be, it must come from all of us. I spread this idea. I live this idea. I actively look for ways to add value. Some are quiet moments Catalyst to Catalyst. Some you see, like Facebook Live sessions. Many others are doing the same. It didn’t start with me. I just jumped in “as if “ I knew exactly where it would lead. I did not then, and I do not now.

Everything I do, is because I need exactly that. I want to be part of a loving, accepting, self help movement where everyone is welcomed, included, valued, can evolve and is encouraged to contribute.  

This morning before going to my day job, I had a true full circle moment. The day started with two early morning coaching calls. First, was a 20 minute, get to know you session by a prospective client, who for the very first time, requested me. The second call was from a Catalyst who just graduated and we were planning a new group experience, that we will co lead. My morning was all about coaching. I also do some work for SHFT now, with all the new incoming coaching students. I am helping new Catalysts find the confidence within to become the coaches they are meant to be.

Just between you and me, they already have what they need inside, they just don’t see it all yet. I gently suggest they try things they have never done before. I nudge them to show up, be transparent and to share their story. I remind them they brought themselves here and that connection and vulnerability are vital components in being a Catalyst for others. I am the coach holding up mirror for new coaches and clients, just like the coach who held that mirror up for me. My circle is very, very full and I am grateful.  

So, where will I be one year from today? I have no idea. My plan is to be a full time coach, SHFT team member, writer and workshop leader. Who knows what else is possible? I sure don’t. What I know is, I must do this work and I don’t have to know how it will all unfold.

I trust that each step will appear just as I am almost ready. I will be a little scared and not feel ready. I will want to shrink back. This is when I engage my super power and ask for help. I will chat about my discomfort with my fellow coaches. I won’t buy my own BS.  Then I will remember my mirror and see the Hope Warrior I have become.  

Where would you like to be one year from today?  

Coach Pam Davis
Catalyst Coach
Hope Warrior

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