It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like "F*ck This!"

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like "F*ck This!"

Christmas Abandon

For lots of us, the festive season is a time of abandonment. I'm not talking about the being dumped or detached abandonment, although I know this is certainly felt at this time of year. I'm talking about the "throw your hands up in air and wave them round like you just don't care" kind of abandonment!

As the twinkles and baubles come into sight, so do the back to back diary dates, the enticing and indulgent foods, the Christmas shoppers, the over spending, the late night wrapping, the juggling of family dynamics, the party outfit dramas, the increased waistline and the hangovers (not just alcoholic ones either)! The approach of Christmas always heralds the arrival of a crazy buzz in the air.

There are those of us that fight the buzz and do our best to carry on as “normal” and not get caught up in the abandonment, however, they’re often referred to as the Bah Humbugs. Then there are those that just surrender to it, let the season envelop us and use it as a time of year to just abandon usual routines and strict guidelines and let ourselves off the hook. How are some able to let go with such ease?

Beware of the festive burn out

For those with families or even large friendship circles (which are often more like family anyway), you know this festive time of year seems to have its own agenda. The normality of the week disappears; the usual and finely crafted schedule makes way for what can only be described as organized chaos. School plays, carol services, charity events, tree decorating days, parties, fetes, work nights out, dinner guests, client nights out, people over for drinks, weekends out, meeting up with people to swap presents, nights out, out after work, out after school… you get my drift right! But, if one isn’t careful, there is one ‘out” that we can run the risk of and that’s “burn out.”

How to surrender effectively

In my experience; Christmas needs a special blend of abandon and honesty. Firstly, know that Christmas is like no other time of year. Know that it doesn’t “run” the way your life usually runs. Know that it has a life of its own. Knowing it will look different and feel different is the first step in surrendering to it. Not driving yourself crazy trying to control it and fit it into your “normal schedule” is important. It’s not a normal time of year. Remember?

Next, be choosy and be honest. You can’t do everything! Burn out at Christmas is shite! Don’t go there! You KNOW how you function best, you know how to show up and be the happiest, healthiest version of yourself! Do you need a certain amount of sleep? How important is your “me” time? Can you be pissed five nights on the trot? How much family emotion can you really take? Remember to look after yourself at this time of year. I’m all for wild abandonment and fun but we should NEVER abandon ourselves or our core needs, even at Christmas. In fact, especially at Christmas!

Finally, give in, let go, and ditch some of the control. If there was ever a time of year to practice being an imperfectionist (how cool is that word, I just made that up) it’s at Christmas time. Once you’ve taken care of your basic needs, just kick back, unwind and let Christmas, and its glitter, sprinkle over you and fill you with cheer.

For those of us that spend most of the year being in control, Christmas time is a great time to not be in control. It’s a time to go out, when you usually would be in front of the TV. It’s a time to eat crap when you usually wouldn’t. It’s a time to drink bubbles when you’d usually be settling down with a nice cuppa. It’s a time to practice mess when you’d usually not have a thing out of place. It’s a time to put on your dancing shoes when you’d usually be reaching for your slippers. It’s a time to speak to people you wouldn’t normally spend time with. You may surprise yourself, you may enjoy it, go bend your own rules!

So, if you see a wild woman running around with her hands in the air, like she just don’t care, that’ll be me. I invite you to join me and surrender to Christmas and all its wonderful craziness!


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