Embracing Single

Embracing Single

When faced with the pain and anxiety of suddenly having to get used to being alone, it’s important to begin shifting your mindset to life being about you. It's hard. It doesn't happen all at once. For me, when I finally decided to think about the freedoms and the release I get from breaking free of a relationship that couldn't give me what I wanted, and more importantly, what I deserved; I was able to start embracing the single. Then I was able to breathe. Then I was free to be me. I stopped focusing on the loss of companionship and the disappointment in the breakup, and thought about what I'm free from, and now free to do. 

I no longer have to question, wonder, worry or stress about whether or not he'll be reliable, loving or committed today. 

I am free from the confusion and distraction of broken promises, questionable decisions, and disappointing actions. 

I'm no longer fighting for something or someone that's not fighting back. 

I'm no longer invested and trying with all my heart while fearing the end could be near at any moment. 

I'm no longer trusting in someone despite being continually let down. 

I'm no longer getting lost in the efforts to give my whole self without receiving the same in return. 

I'm no longer debating on how much I can take, or give, or change, or grow with someone who's not able, willing, or open to teamwork, partnership and companionship. 

I'm no longer being loyal to someone who can't jump in and be here with me. 

I no longer have to be strong for the weak because I'm free to find and live my own strength for me.

I have my heart, my emotions, my soul to care for, love, explore, enjoy, and grow with while finding more connections to this big giant world full of opportunities. 

I'm no longer blinded by my own capabilities, desires, and dreams of a relationship with someone who can't or won't live up to them. 

I will be with myself and be secure with myself and make decisions for me while I enjoy life and what I'm going to learn from it and whatever is next. 

While life and love may be unfair, that doesn't mean I can't be fair and kind to my own damn self.

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