What it Means to "Have Your Shit Together"

What it Means to "Have Your Shit Together"

What does this “having your shit together” idea even mean? Could the idea that I’m questioning it mean perhaps I don’t have it together, that is?

Well, first I want to understand what it even means before I jump into the angst that comes with the idea of not having my shit together.

You get up late, you forget to pee, and forget to set the coffee for brewing. In short, you’re off key. Sure, the only way to measure this is by considering when the opposite is that you’re on track. Things running smoothly because of the conditioning from “way back when” said so. What we are not told is that it is perfectly ok not to comply and live according to the standards of others. Maybe your body needed the rest, maybe your body was overwhelmed on all levels, and remembering isn’t even a thought, let alone going to pee or make coffee.

Sadly, pressures to be and to do, become the focus, so much so, that the self - the true essense of who we are, becomes non existent. We as people- human beings, have a soul and a spiritual side that is more often than not disregarded. We are powerful multidemensional beings and experience profound effects that can interrupt our functional abilities by the pressures to conform and be accepted.

The naked eye doesn’t have the ability to see that far in, but the human heart does. The heart has the capacity to empathize and understand, instead of judge what may appear on the surface. We are somehow manipulated and decieved into thinking we are supposed to be perfect in timing and in destination, forgetting that not only are we all different physically, but so too on different levels mentally and spiritually-everything really. We all live on different streets, but next to those streets lie side roads that connect us and lead us to the same destination.

The power in difference is where we find refuge and strength to help ourselves and each other.

How can we know order without disorder? When we think we are off track, life has a way of showing us through various means how to get back on track. People we collide with is one of the ways we are guided back to our path.

Graduating college, having the ideal job, getting married and having kids along with buying the house by a given time is how we’re told to measure what having our shit together means.

But what if the shit falls apart? What then? What do we do? Where do we go? How do we define what all this means?

Here’s what it means to me to have my shit together:

I examine myself; including my past, present and future. In this space, I aim to stay present because falling back and flying foward can seperate my shit instantly. Staying present and hydrated helps me. This keeps my shit together, literally (and I can’t forget the almonds). On that note, I try daily to the best of my ability with what I am given. This includes everything from people to places and things, all of my resources including the most powerful one- my intuition.

Essentially, I adapt and strive to be flexible in that space. I look at every experience as an opportunity for growth and examine whether I am shrinking or growing. I engage in something physical regardless of whatever I am feeling at the moment, because God knows I don’t enjoy structure and get bored with anything mundane. But that’s just me. I cry, I laugh, I curse, I forgive, and sometimes hate but I always strive for love, because in the complexities of life, duality is the grand teacher and the student is choice.

Having my shit together means not giving up on myself no matter what situation I am facing, no matter who I am facing, no matter when or where I am facing it.

The truth of the matter is I decide whether I have my shit together.

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