There is no such thing as having your shit together.

There is no such thing as having your shit together.

There is no such thing as having your shit together. 

Let me repeat that: There is no such thing as having your shit together. 

I talk to people every day, from all walks of life, from all corners of the earth, members of our community, people who want to become coaches, people who are already our coaches, and members of our core team.... 

Everyone carries feelings of doubt, fear, and insecurity -- and that includes me. Feeling adrift in a wide world that is painful and doesn't make sense is 100% common to the human experience. 

We ALL feel that way. 

We live in a world that has become very wrapped up in the power of projection. If you ask someone how their day is you are not going to get a real answer and you are probably not prepared to hear the imperfect truth about some one else's life. We have all become conditioned to expect and mirror a white washed, camera ready snapshot of how we think life should exist at any given moment. 

As a society this is important to talk about and really important to begin to unravel.

Lives are imperfect, 
bodies are imperfect, 
relationships are imperfect
so are finances, careers, kids, and families. 

The whole world is imperfect and no one has it figured out. There can be deep comfort in accepting this imperfection as reality that we all share and holding each other with kindness through this experience of struggling and questioning.

From a coaching perspective it is imperative to embrace imperfection, both for yourself and for others. You do not have to feel like you have it together in order to become a coach or even to be a good coach. You do not have to first get your life in order, in order to coach others. 

Coaching is a very simple, client-directed process where a coach asks: where are you now, where do you want to be and what is getting in the way? Your client is the only possible person who can answer those questions.

The path forward for coach and a client is imperfect. It is based on experimentation, bravery, trial and error. The reason the the coaching partnership is unlike any other professional relationship is because the coach and client agree to hang on to each other through the mayhem and create something new.... a new life, a new sense of love, a new purpose, a new outlook, a new way of being. 

The process of change and creation is messy. In order to change you have to be willing to admit to yourself that some things that currently exist aren't working. After that admission, you have get brave and put plans in place to make some real changes. Life does not change much when you stand still.

I am not alone in feeling that 2017 has been a very hard year.

There are lots of things in this world that are simply not working. I believe with all of my heart that there is a better way to work, live, and care for each other. We can not discover that path forward by standing still and we can not do it alone.

This is a good time to take stock of the year and of your life. What needs to move in your life in order to usher in change? What do you need to actively create in order to set yourself up for success and happiness?

At SHFT we believe that the answer usually begins with community, partnership and connection. The Catalyst Life Coaching Intensive is not just a coach training program, it is a life changing program. You will not only gain evidence based training that will allow you to embrace imperfection and help others in every aspect of your life but you will find community, connection and hopefully, your chosen family.

I didn't start out as CEO of this company. I started out as one of the coaches. I have met some of my best friends and formed some of the most significant partnerships of my life through this organization.

What we do here may feel like magic, but it's not. We are just real. We are just honest about the fact that we are imperfect humans and we are the first ones to admit that we don't have all the answers. But we believe that together, through connection and partnership we can figure it out.

If you have had any doubts if now is the right time to join us, I can assure you that there is no such thing as the right time. Time will however keep on passing. As we look towards the end of this year, what do you want to do with yours?

Our next Catalyst Coaching Intensive begins November 12th. If you'd like to learn more about these tools and more that are taught in the Intensive and about becoming a coach, I invite you to check out the program here.

Your Recovery is On You, But I Have Your Back

Your Recovery is On You, But I Have Your Back

Hissing Like a Badass, Peaceful Warrior

Hissing Like a Badass, Peaceful Warrior