13 Self Love Truths Everyone Should Know

13 Self Love Truths Everyone Should Know

Ten years ago, I had a new thought, or maybe it was more of a new question. How would my life be different, if I loved myself? I mean, full on, no conditions, love rather than hate for myself.  I had no idea how this would happen, but I knew that something in me had shifted. In very small steps, I began to see ways to love myself. I began to see people who were on my side. I needed others to support and cheer me on. However, the things that worked for me were unique to me and different than the things that what worked for others. I came to understand that I was my own best self-love teacher.

Here are some things I discovered along my journey of loving myself.

1. Self-Love is created within you. You cannot do this wrong. You learn and grow with each step. It's important to let go of yesterday's baggage. You’ve held it long enough.

2. Go forward, ask for help and believe in your inner voice. Get close to the part of you that wants the best for you and support yourself no matter what. Know that no one else can ever take away the love you have for yourself.

3. Gather your support.  You do not have to do this alone. Know who is in your corner and build your tribe.  Come together and support each other.

4. Take some space when you need it. Give yourself grace and when necessary and push yourself even when you don't feel like it. Hint, you will start to feel like it.

5. Use your tools, and create and seek new ones when they are needed. Begin with your strengths and use what you have already.

6. Look for the good in yourself and others. Know that hard times will happen and you will find your footing again. Shine, without hiding your light.

7. Speak to yourself the way you would any other stranger in your life.  You can stop bullying yourself in the guise of motivation.  Start small and begin to turn your negative self-talk into loving self-talk.

8. Know vulnerability is a beautiful gift you give to yourself. You are enough and you are unique, just as you are in this very moment.

9. Remember the moments of progress and deep understanding. Ah Ha's plus action = real change. Accept fear as a part of life, but don't make it the boss of you. Make self-love and acceptance, a daily requirement, like sleep, and other basic needs.

10. Today is the youngest you will ever be, so it's time. Believe this is truly the beginning of a life long practice. It will not look the way you think it will look and that is a very good thing.

11. Be excited. This will bring to your life more than you can even imagine.

12. Embrace yourself as your own best self-love teacher. GENTLENESS, PATIENCE and PRACTICE are your road buddies. Love yourself, deeply and unconditionally. Say “YES” to yourself, maybe for the first time.

13. Look yourself in the mirror and say, my dearly beloved self, “I promise to love myself, from this day forward, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, for better and bigger, for ALL and MORE, I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.”

It’s time to meet your authentic self. Truly everything starts with Self Love. Catalyst Pam Davis will lead you in the journey. Join the Self Love Tribe.

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