Win a FULL MONTH of Coaching with John Kim, The Angry Therapist

Win a FULL MONTH of Coaching with John Kim, The Angry Therapist

As you guys may know, my first published book is coming out April 18th. I’m excited but also nervous. I’ve been telling my story online for nearly a decade but now that it’s in a book, it feels real. Maybe because I’ve been hiding behind a computer for so long. That’s probably why it’s so scary. It’s been a long journey in writing this book. It documents my rebirth, from divorce to starting what some may call a movement to change the way we change.

If you follow me, you know that I am passionate about new ways to help people. I’ve always coached people in ways I thought were the most effective and lasting, even if it went against some of the rules of the therapy board. For example, I saw people from all around the world online. As a therapist, you’re only supposed to see clients in your own state. I took my clients on walks, hikes, did CrossFit workouts with them, and met many in coffee shops. 

We live in a very exciting time. Psychology and self betterment has never had a real genuine shake up. With wellness going mainstream and the injection of technology, it’s now the time. What does this have to do with my little book? 


This book is the cumulation of everything I learned in working in unconventional ways. In helping thousands all over the world both on and offline, I learned that growth can be organic. As long as we create as safe container — our emotional, mental, and physical life space.  

My book teaches you how to build that space so that you can start living at a higher potential. This book represents the new, different, the seed of a shake up. It’s proof that you can practice transparency as a therapist / life coach. It’s proof that you can use the internet to build a practice. It’s proof that you can come as you are instead of who you think you should be. And the more I can share my story and get the message out, the more other coaches and therapists might change the way they help others. This book gives anyone who is frustrated with the system fuel to change it. 


I’ve been racking my brain on how to give back. So I decided to give away what I’ve been doing for the last decade, life coaching sessions and a seat in the Catalyst Coaching Intensive. 

I’m giving away:

  • One seat in the Catalyst Coaching Intensive! This is the life coaching course I built from the ground up and has graduated almost 100 coaches that work together, do life together and thrive. 
  • One 1 month intensive coaching with me, John Kim. Four sessions, one a week. In person (if you live near me) or Skype. We'll also have plenty of emails and daily check ins to make sure you reach your goals and get where you want to be.
  • Five people will each win a 30 minute  "Get Unstuck" Intensive Coaching Session. Relationships. Dating. Life transitions. Or whatever you would like to process or get coaching on, we'll get into it.

Also If you purchase 10 books, (for friends and family). You will receive an hour long call with me guaranteed.

Here’s all you have to do to be in the drawing -- 


Pre-order my book CLICK HERE and email me the receipt or order confirmation here with the title BOOK CONTEST:

You'll also be invited to join an EXCLUSIVE private Facebook group for discussing the book and connecting with me.

It’s currently at a special pre-order price of about 9 bucks. The price will go up to 15 in a couple weeks so don't delay!

We will randomly select the winners May 18th!

Thank you for making this dream come true and I look forward to connecting with you. Be well.

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