Life in the Catalyst Intensive: Your Story

Life in the Catalyst Intensive: Your Story

Dear Self,

I bet you had no idea your story was going to be this way.

Two years ago, your heart was suddenly ripped from your soul and you were left exposed without a plan on how to save it.

In the days afterward, you seemed to watch and replay every aspect of your seemingly “societally ideal” life, play in front of you.

The decision to say “yes.”

The way you used to look into each other’s eyes.

The small moments when you thought, how could I have been this lucky?

The times you thought, I can’t believe this will be forever.

And then that one day, four words flipped every aspect of your soul and life on its head.

Faced with what seemed like an unsurmountable wall of sadness that came caving into your chest, your identity came into question. Who you were, what you wanted, how you got here and how you could have missed all the signs.

That’s when a new friend introduced you to a blog called, The Angry Therapist. In your attempt to grasp ANYTHING that could offer you the ability to cope with the searing pain, you wandered into a world that brought meaning to your story.

You saw a facebook post, asking for “volunteers” to help a group of coaches with a practice session. Exposed, vulnerable, afraid and oh so DESPERATE, you threw away your usual inhibitions and volunteered to have your vulnerabilities channeled through a webcam. The thought of putting your pitiful and saddened soul on exhibition is something you would have NEVER done, but somehow, someway, God and The Universe (yes you believe in both) said you should do this.

After 15 minutes, you didn’t feel healing. Instead, you felt shocked that strangers could offer so much kindness & compassion to someone through a screen. While you still hurt, you walked away with many help perspectives to ponder but most importantly, you walked away with a sense of HOPE that you didn’t have to be broken or damaged goods.

If 10 complete strangers could tell you that you were worth savings, why couldn’t you convince yourself?

This traumatic event gave you the chance to reintroduce yourself to your soul. You started nurturing the most important person; the person you authentically were all along before the day you said “I do.”

You cried. You crawled. You pitied. Opened your eyes. Stood up. Started walking. Holding out your arms. Welcomed in light. And kept your exposed heart open so that others may help give you strength when you needed it. Most importantly, you gave yourself the permission to, love yourself first and let go.

And in that year, you grew back into your own skin - one that feels more comfortable, confident and most importantly worthy of taking care of.

This journey didn’t just start 12 weeks ago when you decided to take your rebirth & healing and fuel it into being a CATALYST coach (the two year anniversary of the beginning of the end). This journey started when you received the GIFT of being broken and the perspective and opportunity of how to heal.

I bet you didn’t think it was going to be like this.

Despite how far others have told you you’ve come, the CATALAYST sessions with your cohort made you dig further to uncover and reveal more authenticity in your life. You continued to learn that it wasn’t just about the failed marriage, the pain or fear of failure. You learned that it was about what you did and did not allow for yourself with boundaries and containers. You learned how trauma could deeply sever human connection and you learned that we’re all capable of helping each other heal. You learned from the breaking & broken and how despite the challenges that life offers us, collectively, we were meant to come together to help heal and that we are never alone on our journeys.

You learned what they’ve told you that you would learn all along, “your story was meant to help others.”

I bet you didn’t think your story was going to be like this.

You’re running towards a life you never knew. And turns out, this is the life that you LOVE.

But what’s most amazing now, is the ability to coach and gift back a Phoenix rising in others. Because that’s what the Catalysts in training did for you.

I bet you didn’t know you were going to try and be a life coach.

And I bet you still don’t know how awesome your story is going to continue to be…



To learn more about the Catalyst Coaching Intensive and discover the power of your story, click here.

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