3 Things that Set Successful People Apart

3 Things that Set Successful People Apart

“Success is relative and attained only when one is willing to do what others will not.” – unknown

What a powerful statement, but what does it entail? The dictionary defines success as this: Achievement of an action within a specified period of time or within a specified parameter.

What does success mean for you? For me? What sets a successful person apart from the average wanderer in the herd? Why does success mean financial independence for one person while doing what you love is the definition for another?

When I was much younger, I used to valet cars all over Dallas. After getting to park an Aston Martin one night on a shift, I thought to myself “If I were ever going to be in a position to afford that much of a car, that would be the one.”  As the rush came to an end, I was fortunate enough to pull the car up again and I as I got out and handed the keys to the owner, I immediately wondered “What makes this person different from me?” This question has followed me in all of my everyday life since then and the question has progressed to “How this person’s success is different from mine and what did they have to do to get there?”  We all have different definitions of success and levels of success and degrees of success. One thing that does not waiver, is what it takes to get there.

Successful people T.A.N.  No fake bakin’ here – they Take Action Now. Time waits for no one, and tasks or to do lists do not magically mark themselves off.  No matter how small those wins are they are wins nonetheless.  Moving immediately on things that have to be done can mean the difference between positive momentum alongside brilliant confidence versus feeling stuck with your self esteem waning because there is so much to do.  It is possible to be busy all day and not accomplish a thing. I know this because I’ve done it.  Nailing down those things that are must dos and doing them can elevate your drive.  When your ambition is in the driver’s seat and you have the fuel of getting things done powering the engine, you have a vision machine that is creating your reality.

Second – Successful people possess unwavering optimism. Even though they know they will fail more times than they will succeed, they keep going anyway. I myself have set to do lists so lofty, there’s no way I could possibly get it all done, not get it all done and make another to do list as long for the next day. That is the beauty of what sets a successful person apart. No matter what, they do not quit. My favorite question is “Why not?” So many times people place limits on their ambition because they have placed limits on themselves.  The successful person wakes up in the morning, chooses positivity over insecurity and fear, believes anything is possible, and takes responsibility for making it so.

Third – They move - through, in, on and with purpose. Every action has a desired effect and outcome. Now while not every action may come to fruition, the movement is there. The thought of “I am going to do this because this will happen if I do and nothing will happen if I don’t.”  Our purpose can manifest itself many different ways. Maybe it’s a financial goal with a specific monetary amount or maybe it’s a cause with a specific number of persons that needs to be reached. Whatever the purpose, it requires taking definitive and decisive action. What does moving in your purpose look like for you today?  What action can I take, even if it is just a few minutes, to keep my positive momentum intact?  How is my why going to move me through my self-imposed barriers of fear? I always imagine a milestone of success for me as the Kool Aid Man busting through the wall as a symbol of finally breaking down the wall of mediocrity that I have hid behind for so long.

Rory Vaden in his book “Take the Stairs” talks about the Law of Diminishing Intent which states: The longer you put off something the less likely you are to do it.

I squandered my youth with plans of so many things. I realize that success for me has very little to do with money. I am a firm believer in when you do what you love and are in your flow the money will be right.  When you are authentic and good at what you do, it will be evident, and will attract those missing pieces of the puzzle, including money.

Believing in your product, brand, cause, why, and most importantly yourself will lead to whatever success means for you to ultimately manifest itself in your life. The road to success is filled with many peaks and valleys but it is in those ups and downs we find the mile markers that represent our journey. Bring passion to whatever you are doing. Work hard, stay consistent, stay faithful and success will be yours.

Marcos Cervantes - @LifeJuggernaut

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