Life Coaching Can Redefine Your Path

Life Coaching Can Redefine Your Path

Have you ever seen those Do It Yourself (DIY) posts on Pinterest where someone has taken a super old, beat up desk and turned it into a beautiful wine hutch for their dining room? 

Perhaps it had been used by teachers for decades in an old classroom, or by generations of children while they did their homework, or maybe by an author who spent his life bent over, writing stories and stories and stories...And now this Pinterest Posting DIYer has taken something used, abused and possibly even thrown out to the curb, and lovingly turned it into a beautiful, meaningful piece that serves a new purpose to them.

Something that, now looking at it, you could never imagine in a million years had been through what it had been through or had once been on the brink of a trip to the dump.

Now here sits an elegant, treasured piece in someone's world.

Somebody who could see the beauty and purpose in the old piece, instead of passing it off as junk, decided to give the desk a bit of love, a lot of attention, and a new reason to exist.

What if, instead of a beat up piece of furniture, we were able to re-purpose our experiences?

What if we took that same transformative perspective with the path we have taken in our lives?

What if we take the windy, rocky and sometimes even treacherous path we have walked, clean it up, and give it a new meaning and purpose?

We’ve heard the saying so many different ways, “Everything happens for a reason,” “God has a plan,” “Nothing happens by accident,” etc. Whatever you believe, however you say it, whatever makes you feel better.


In the end, the glory comes when you choose the purpose and create something meaningful out of your path.

I’ve spent most of my life knowing there must be something more than what I’ve dedicated my time to. From being born into poverty, addiction, mental illness and all the baggage that comes with those challenges, to being a successful, college educated therapist and public school counselor, my life experience and academic knowledge is abundant. It just took a really long time to figure out how to get here and what to do with all of it.

I had to take the time to examine my foundation, clear away some dirt and rocks, and fill in some cracks. I had to identify and gather the resources and tools I had to be able to repurpose my path and create meaning.

Now I get to use all of my experiences to impact people through my writing, to help build beautiful powerful communities of support, and to coach others to re-purpose their own path. I get to do something I find meaningful and purposeful, and fuels my soul.

I get to have all of these opportunities, and more, because I put the hard work into the repurposing part of life.

How many people just go on with their lives, wishing they had done or could do something different with their lives, but never take action? 

How many countless times do we think and hear “There has to be something better than this?”

Well of course there is - but it takes love, attention, and a transformative eye to create it!

The Angry Therapist, John Kim, talks about wanting to rip pages out of your story. We wouldn’t rip the legs or walls off of an old desk, why rip our pages out?  Why not keep them, polish them up, give them a new coat of paint and a new reason to exist. Why not take a critical look at what you’ve done, where you’ve been, and then re-purpose your path so you can go someplace even more meaningful and beautiful?

Check out our Catalyst Coaching Intensive and see how you can help others re-purpose their treasured items and live their best lives.

Catalyst Coach Jessi Kovalik is available to help you along your path and transform your story. Book a session with her to re-purpose your path.


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