My Journey Towards Becoming a Catalyst Life Coach

My Journey Towards Becoming a Catalyst Life Coach

One click on the Catalyst Coaching Intensive tab in the header of the SHFT homepage opened the door. As I stepped through and began to read, I couldn’t help but feel a connection to everything I was seeing. I won’t go through the entire content, but if you’re considering this program, read through the information and see what speaks to you. Even if you are already in the Catalyst Intensive, or already graduated, revisit this as it may provide a little reminder of what you were looking for.

As for me, upon reading the section titled “The Intensive Is Not For,” I needed to at least explore this a little further. To understand if this IS for me, I should probably find out who it IS NOT for.  The very next domino was requesting a course syllabus to see what this entails. All the while, I’m thinking, “this is something I could do at some point. Maybe in the fall? Probably not right now.”

A few days later, I’m sitting on the phone talking to Noelle Cordeaux, listening to her story. The vision for this organization, the vision and mission of the Catalyst Intensive, and what this could look like for someone. Even someone like me.  

I had been doing work on myself for quite a while it seems. I’d read a bunch of books. I was practicing self-love and getting a handle on how to answer those “why” questions. I participated in a couple of tribes, which I found to be very helpful and pivotal in my thought process regarding the Catalyst Intensive. 

The one thing I kept coming back to however, was the notion of not being sure if I wanted to be a life coach. Could I take this on, should I take this on if life coaching wasn’t specifically my motivation? I was hearing from Noelle the answer was a resounding, “Yes!” 

A few key items I took away from our conversation changed my mind from “maybe someday,” to “I need to do this right now.” Noelle mentioned before I brought it up how some people have done the Catalyst Intensive simply as a means to work on themselves. There doesn’t have to be a plan for the other side, it begins with the desire to look inward! With that in mind, I thought, “Where do I sign up?”

Noelle and I actually had a follow up phone call a couple of days later as I had a few questions to explore. In a nutshell, this is how I came to be part of the Catalyst Intensive. To say this has been more than I could have imagined, is a huge understatement. This investment in myself has proven its worth, every single day since the beginning. 

I’m taking away tools I can use for life coaching, but also tools for living a more productive life. I’m pleased to see how a little bit of structure goes a long way. I’m learning better communication and listening skills, not only for coaching, but for everyday use. I’m learning ways to be in tune with my own body and identify various triggers which can put me in a negative space. 

I’ve had the pleasure to speak with a couple prospective Catalysts who had some of the same questions I had and shared this with them as well. If there is a single thing I would tell anyone who is considering the Intensive, it is to have no expectations. If you come into this open minded and ready to look within yourself closer than before, the results will be profound. If you have no expectations, your path will take shape and become clear in an organic way.  

The concept of no expectations also applies to life coaching in the real world. As we saw this week in class, a session can go a number of ways. Being effective as a life coach means having the ability to adapt and respond to the client and the direction of the conversation. If we have expectations in advance, our ability to adapt can become limited or impossible altogether. 

The two-way mirror class was a great example of how different sessions can go, even when clients are facing the same issue. As a coach, our role is to keep the focus about the person we are talking to and offer them hope. A few weeks ago, Chad Cryder spoke about helping clients find meaning. As coaches when we help someone find meaning in their experiences, we reveal the purpose. I can’t think of a better way for any of us to flourish, than to understand our purpose. 

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