One Foot in the Water, One Foot in the Sand

One Foot in the Water, One Foot in the Sand

One foot in the water, one foot in the sand

I realize how small and insignificant I am

The empty blue expanse on one side, the bland pastel on the opposite

I trace imaginary lines in the water and earth and pretend it is Sanskrit

The sand goes until too far and my vision is blurred

The blue goes on forever like my intentions, my soul is stirred

One foot in the deep unknown

One foot in sinking solid, safely shown

Billions of grains, billions of drops

On either side, they notice me not

Too much sand, I am buried alive

Too much water, and I am drowning struggling to survive

Dunes of sand misshapen and formless

The water is calm and waves barely crest

I pause and breathe

Then I pick my foot up and there is a print

A ripple on the other side from where my foot went

I notice a child make shapes from a bucket

A jet ski chops the water, turns around and jumps it.

Then I start to see the grains as I look in closely from afar

Too many to count like possibilities there are

I look at the Pacific and scoffingly grin

You are not a sea of fears or problems I might find myself in

But one of the seven wonders vast and wide

Like my spirit and ambitions soaring so high

I turn to the beach, Santa Monica in the distance

My optimism is beautiful, like the sands infinite grit

Take a handful of both and revel in the difference

My perception is what impacts and shapes my existence

In one hand is land, the other is sea

I am holding the earth and look down at the earth holding me

Now a bright light replaces the dim

Because the smallness I felt came from within

One foot in the water One foot in the sand

I have an impact and can choose to be who I truly am

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